Specjalne oferty na jesienny wypoczynek w Białce Tatrzańskiej

Pakiety z basenami

Jeśli uwielbiasz baseny termalne to idealna propozycja dla Ciebie! Stworzyliśmy wyjątkowe pakiety, w których znajdziesz komfortowy wypoczynek wraz z wejściem na Termy Bania. Sprawdź naszą ofertę tutaj i ciesz się z urlopu!

Pakiety dla Seniora

Jesteś Seniorem? Uwielbiasz zwiedzać i odkrywać nowe miejsca? Ten pakiet jest dla Ciebie! Przygotowaliśmy 2 możliwości z propozycjami wycieczek oraz wejściem na Termy Bania. Sprawdź ofertę tutaj i korzystaj z najlepszych atrakcji na Podhalu!

August Last Minute!

Holidays are in full, which is why we have prepared an August promotion for you. Wonderful 10% for a minimum of 4 nights during the whole month, when booking until 11.08. Call and book without intermediaries to get a discount

Discounts and promotions for attractions in Białka Tatrzańska

By choosing Grand Tatry, you get unique discounts and promotions that we have received only for our guests. Thanks to the courtesy of the companies we work with, guests of the Grand Tatry can count on attractive offers and services. Below you will find a list of our partners. Feel special and enjoy the winter and summer attractions of Podhale paying less or getting a more favorable offer!

  • Brama w Gorce

    10% only for Guests of Grand Tatry in a unique place.

    The Nature and Education Center Brama in Gorce, located 16 km from our facility, offers a lot of attractions, workshops and natural activities. You won't get bored here! You will learn the secrets of the fauna and flora of the Gorce forests.

    See what it looks like Brama in Gorce www.bramawgorce.com

    • E-bike Tatry

      10% in the bike rental only for Guests Grand Tatry.

      If you plan to visit Podhale by bike, you will find a great rental place about 900 m from our facility. They have a huge range for big and small.

      See what it offers E-BIKE TATRY facebook

      • Tatra Fitness

        10% for a single entry only for Guests Grand Tatry.

        If you plan to spend your holidays actively - this place will be perfect! A modern gym, lots of classes and great care of trainers.

        See what it offers Tatra Fitness www.tatra-fitness.pl

        • Logo Schronisko Bukowina

          Delicious cuisine in the Bukowna Hostel 10% cheaper for Grand Tatry Guests.

          Schronisko Bukowina is a restaurant located in Bukowina Tatrzańska. In the menu you will find outstanding combinations of flavors, insane desserts, burgers and even traditional highland sour soup.

          Check it out with our special discount

        • Logo Termy Bania

          10% discount on the entrance to Terma Bania! Buy a ticket for Termy Bania at the Grand Tatry reception with a special discount for our guests!

          Termy Bania is a place of relaxation for body and soul! Swimming pools with thermal water, Saunarium and SPA will make you find peace and harmony here and take advantage of sensational water attractions.

          We also have promotional tickets for sale!

        • Logo Goracy Potok

          Gorkowy Potok 20% cheaper - collect a discount voucher at the Grand Tatry reception and enjoy the hot waters cheaper!

          Gorący Potok is one of the newest facilities with thermal pools in Podhale. Take advantage of the many attractions offered by the complex!

        • Logo Termy Bukovina

          No queue at Termy Bukovina! To get such a ticket - buy it at the Grand Tatry reception desk.

          Termy Bukovina is a luxurious leisure and recreation complex. Outdoor and indoor swimming pools with natural thermal water, water slides and a sauna zone will provide you with perfect relaxation.

        • Logo Termy Bukovina

          10%, 20% and even 30% discount with the Tatra Card!

          The Tatra Card is available to all our guests and allows you to take advantage of many discounts in places that have joined the program. List of places available on the website http://www.kartatatrzanska.pl/atrakcje

        • Wypożyczalnia sprzętu narciarskiego Łaś

          10% discount on renting ski equipment in the Łaś rental shop just outside Kotelnica! Exclusively for Grand Tatry Guests with a card received at the reception.

          The Łaś ski rental is located just below the lower station of the Kotelnica ski lift. Both children and adults will find the highest quality equipment here.See more...

        • Logo Rabkoland

          RABKOLAND Amusement Park 10% cheaper! Especially for our guests! Buy tickets and take advantage of a special discount!

          Take the whole family and have fun in the Highlander Jungle, Aunt Marynia's Farm, Trzmiel Valley, and even... in the Viking Village! See what else this magical place hides: rabkoland.pl

        • Logo American Dreams

          10% discount on all services offered at the American Dreams Health and Beauty Center. Discount only for guests of Grand Tatry.

          American Dreams health & beauty - is the Health and Beauty Center in Podhale. One of the newest facilities of this type in the region, a professional approach to the client and a qualified team of specialists are the main advantages of this place.

        • Logo MyBike.city

          10% discount on renting any bike at MyBike.city in Nowy Targ.

          My Bike - is a bike rental company that offers the most popular types of two-wheelers. Bikes for road, terrain or for children are just some of them.

        • LogoInfoturystyka

          We invite to visit

          Infoturystyka.pl is a tourist portal where you will find our business card. Click and see now!

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